Sealants in 33070

How long do sealants last?

Sealants are typically long lasting, but need to be evaluated by your dentist. The sealant can remain on the tooth for many years if proper care is taken. Some hard foods, such as hard candy, chewing ice, or sticky foods, such as taffy, may dislodge a sealant and should be avoided. If the sealant becomes dislodged, your dental professional will make sure the tooth is cavity free and re-apply the sealant.

How effective are sealants?

Sealants are effective in preventing cavities on the chewing surface of a tooth as long as they are intact. Keeping all of your maintenance appointments with your dentist can ensure the longevity of the dental sealants.

Remember, cavities commonly occur on other surfaces of the tooth as well, that aren't covered by a sealant, such as in between the teeth! Proper brushing and flossing is imperative to protect the entire tooth from bacteria and cavities.

Does insurance cover the cost of sealants?

Many insurance companies cover the cost of dental sealants. Check with your dental insurance carrier to determine if you have dental sealant coverage.