Orthodontics in Tavernier, FL

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The way the teeth come together is affected by both environmental and genetic factors. The size and shape of the face and jaw are different for each person and can be influenced by race and gender. Your dentist will check your child’s occlusion (the way the teeth come together) at each examination. Your doctor may recommend a consultation with an orthodontist to make sure early orthodontic treatment isn't required. Look for the following in your child’s teeth.

Braces on baby teeth?

Growth and development of your child’s baby or primary teeth is essential for proper overall health. Your child’s primary teeth are very important because they save space in the jaw that is needed for proper development of the permanent teeth.

Often times a thumb, finger or pacifier habit contributes to the movement of the teeth and jaw bones. In other circumstances, malocclusions or misalignments of the teeth and/or jaw are simply genetic.

Why are children getting braces so young?

Not all children need early orthodontic treatment (Phase I), but if your doctor recommends early orthodontic treatment for your child, remember that this is the best treatment for your child! A simple misalignment can be fixed with quick orthodontic treatment if it is completed at a young enough age. If this essential window of time is missed and the bone is done growing, the problem can turn from a dental condition to a skeletal condition. This can no longer be treated with braces, but now may have to be treated with invasive and expensive jaw surgery or even removal of permanent teeth!